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Studio SDK

The Project

Studio SDK is a Los Angeles-based production company and creative studio with an award-winning roster of talent that work with world’s leading agencies and brands.
In 2022 they launched a website built by another vendor, but weren't happy with its performance: heavy video and animation elements made it slow and resource-intensive, and the designer wasn’t satisfied with the level of polish on interactions.
That’s where I came in. Knowing my attention to detail and technical skills, their designer entrusted me with improving the website’s overall performance and feel.

After weighing our options, we decided to rebuild it from the ground up with speed and quality in mind.
We used a static site generator (Gatsby) instead of a barebone React app, offloading some processing to the server. Better SEO optimization was achieved as a side effect. Videos and animations were optimized for performance, code was kept clean and maintainable, and a modern, user-friendly DatoCMS was integrated for easy management and updates.
The result was a fast, performant website with polished transitions and animations.