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Anima International

The Project

Anima International is a group of European organizations focused on improving farm animal welfare standards in the most effective way possible. The individual organizations reach millions of people and have a history of influencing positive change for the animals in each country they work in.
Anima International approached me to design and develop their website. They asked me to create the entire front end from scratch, including design and development. I worked with their team to specify their requirements and design the user experience.

At the end of the process, I came up with high-fidelity designs ready for implementation. We decided to use React and Gatsby to ensure the best performance and allow easy maintenance in the future. I worked with AI’s in-house backend developer who set up the open-source CMS Strapi as the content API.
The site was a success, helping Anima International secure over $10 million in funding from Open Philantrophy and Effective Altruism Funds to reduce animal suffering, especially in relatively neglected regions like Eastern Europe.